We are really excited to share a metallic print fine art photography giveaway sponsored by HMD Certified Pro OC Designer Source with 10 winners receiving their choice of a 10 x 15 metallic print signed by the artist Tien Frogget.

Click Here To Enter to Win Fine Art Photography

OC Designer Source’s President Michele Preston says:

“This fine art photography giveaway is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the beautiful art we have available to buyers of art and photography.  It’s a great example of fresh art that OC Designer Source brings to product and apparel marketing initiatives.”

What are metallic prints in fine art photography?

Metallic prints for photography are created using a special type of laminated paper. This process is the latest and greatest that photographic development has to offer. The result is a remarkable picture possessing a rich sheen and deep clarity, a vivid quality unmatched by other means that is excellent media for a wide fine art photographic prints.

What’s the difference between a metallic print and a matte print or a glossy print?

The matte photo is duller and is used to reduce glare, usually applicable when a fine art photograph is going to be framed and hung as well as environments where photos will be touched because fingerprints are less likely to show.

A glossy photo with its high gloss look can be expected to reveals detail better than a matte finish.

Metallic photos developed on laminated paper produce a wonderful iridescent sheen that takes on the appearance of having a metallic quality. A much sharper image is created, one with more life-like depth and magnificent detail. Plus the toughness of the laminated layers results in a print that is less likely to tear.

The metallic print fine art photography in this OC Designer Source giveaway is a wonderful example of beautiful high quality fine art photography on metallic print.

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