Once you’ve purchased an HMD design package and shared all of your critical project details with your designer he/she will create your design concept and begin making selections for furniture, fixtures and materials for your room.

To see a list of our most commonly specified vendors, click here.

This post will give you a little bit of insight into why your HMD interior designer chooses certain products, vendors and price points.

HMD’s Vendor Requirements

Homemade Design chooses to recommend products and materials from vendors that meet our strict guidelines for quality, warranty, durability, safety and overall value. Our philosophy is simply to recommend the products we are confident our clients will be satisfied with for years to come.

Let’s take sofas for example.  Many sofa’s from popular retail stores lose their shape and firmness in as little as 3-6 months.  This shouldn’t be a surprise given that many of these products are mass produced in Chinese factories that employ substandard labor and quality standards.  By contrast HMD recommends the likes of quality made-in-the-USA sofas (see our post on Sherrill sofa construction) that have a history of being passed down from generation to generation.

An Excerpt from the 12 pages of IKEA sofa assembly instructions. HMD does not specify IKEA products because they do not meet our strict standards for quality, durability, warranty, safety and overall value.


HMD’s recommended specifications are rarely going to be the least expensive options available for purchase.  We do make an effort to include a range of super-constructed high-end products as well as moderately priced retail quality products enabling our clients to direct their budget toward the products and applications that are most important to them.


HMD Style Choices

HMD specifies Classic, Transitional and Timeless pieces for the items and areas of your home that need to stand the test of time, not the test of some temporary trend. We emphasize color (that you may grow tired of someday) and the trends (that you will definitely grow tired of someday) when applicable in the items you can easily swap out at will.

We take into account your current budget while also looking to avoid potential costs down the road as much as possible.


HMD Extends our Designer Discounts to Clients

Designer Discounts are often referred to as “to the trade” or “trade only” pricing and whenever possible we recommend products that enable our clients to purchase items at deeply discounted prices from our preferred vendors.

Retailers and the manufacturers that supply many retailers typically offer interior design professionals discounted pricing for the purpose of enabling the designer to re-sell products to his/her clients. These discounts can range between 5% and 70% off the retail price and while many designers sell at or near retail to make a hefty profit HMD passes on the majority of our discount to our clients.

HMD leverages our national purchasing volume to negotiate fantastic pricing from trade sources, popular retailers and as often as possible from from the manufacturers that supply popular retailers so that we can enable our clients to get higher quality items at or below retail prices.  Plus, HMD clients pay no sales tax in most states.


How We Define “Green Design”

HMD chooses healthy ‘green’ design that takes into account your family’s health and well being inside your home, not just the world beyond your front door.

Did you know that paints, coatings, carpets, counter tops, etc. release volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that affect normal function of the lung, aggravate symptoms of pulmonary diseases and increase rates of asthma attack?

In fact in 2011 a very large national retailer (one of the most popular in America!) began offering a line of baby furniture (manufactured in China) that registered levels of VOC off gassing that was actually banned in two US States.

HMD specifies safe products with all-natural content manufactured at eco-friendly plants primarily in the USA. We ensure our specifications avoid potential health risks associated with inferior products that come from countries with sub-standard manufacturing practices.


Making HMD Recommendations Work For You

While HMD doesn’t specify every price point from every vendor available – that doesn’t mean we limit the client from making choices that are in the best interest of their budget and overall project objectives.

Feel free to take our examples for color, scale and style and use them to help guide your selections from alternate vendors and price points as you shop the web or local retailers.


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