american made furnitureYou probably already like the idea of “buying American” in general but there are three critical reasons you need to buy American made furniture.

Here at Homemade Design, America’s leading online interior design firm, we specify a lot of furniture for our clients – nearly all of it American Made furniture with very few exceptions.

Here are Three Reasons to Buy American Made Furniture


American Made Furniture Quality and Safety

American made furniture standards are very stringent when it comes to regulating the use of toxic chemicals and dangerous products that cause injury and/or health hazards.  

Many foreign product safety standards do not regulate toxic chemicals (like lead and formaldehyde) and dangerous products.  To illustrate this point conduct a Google search for “Chinese product recalls” and see what comes up.

Unlike the predominantly hand-constructed American made furniture we specify many foreign manufactured products (emphasis on non-European machine-made products) are manufactured cheap and fast leaving little room for quality of construction and joinery methods.  Construction quality and joinery are key to long lasting and durable furniture products.

The Human Factor

When you buy American made furniture you can have confidence the furniture products were manufactured under humane working conditions that did not include the use of children being forced to work an assembly line. 

American furniture manufacturing plants operate according to environmental regulations that greatly restricts the distribution of manufacturing waste and pollutants into the air that we breathe and the water we drink.

In many third world factories unsafe working conditions, low pay and child labor enable products to be made at a lower cost – but oh what a trade off. 

The American Economy

If you are concerned about the future of the American economy, foreign trade gaps and the unemployment rate – then buying American made furniture is a powerful way to contribute to economic prosperity.  Buying American made furniture keeps our dollars within our borders providing work and paychecks for American citizens.




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