Perfectly pleated panels and swags as long as the eye can see — oh, the joys of so many types of window coverings!

In this post we’ll explore types of window coverings including valences, blinds, panels and shutters that can add quick and stylish personality to your home.

According to HGTV’s “Top 10 Window Treatment Trends,” one of the most popular window coverings is the all-natural woven shade in matchstick and bamboo. It diffuses light for privacy, while still allowing you to see the great outdoors.

woven woods with drapes types of window coverings








Natural Woven Shades








natural woven shades and drapery










Spruce up your windows by trying one of these other exceptional designs.


A traditional and versatile type of window treatment, valances are an affordable way to dress up your windows. Hang them solo or layer over coordinating shades, curtains or sheers. Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom, tailored valances feature a sewn-in rod pocket at the top with a straight-edged bottom, allowing light to enter and fill the room. For extra privacy, install a tier curtain underneath so only a square of window is visible. Balloon, scalloped, Australian and shaped valances have the same basic look, but differ in decorative shapes and pleats. Valances can be hung in minutes with a utility or decorative rod.

soft valance drapery natural woven shade











Blinds remain one of the most commonly used form of window covering due to their affordability and ease of use. They can be closed for privacy and to block out sunlight and contain slats that let you filter light. Blinds can be hung horizontally or vertically and come in a wide range of styles, including mini and venetian. Gaining popularity due to its clean lines, durability and light-weight design, aluminum blinds are a modern take on these classic window coverings.

blinds and drapery




















Curtain panels are solid pieces of fabric that hang from wall-mounted clips or rods. They offer more privacy than sheers while packing a punch of color and texture to any room. Fabric options range from simple cotton to lush velvet, woven tapestry or smooth silk. Black out panels are energy efficient and can block out the sun completely, an ideal solution for eliminating sun and heat during the summer. Try a full scope of looks to find one that works well in your space. Trail curtain panels from a decorative rod for the most classic of treatments. This design helps accentuates architecture and curtains can be slid on the rod to allow light to enter.
















Shutters are not just for the exterior of your home. They can also add instant charm to the interior. Shutters are generally made from wood or plastic and are mounted on each side of the window frame. Small doors contain hinges that allow the shutters to be opened or closed for privacy. Many styles of shutters also feature adjustable slats that allow varying degrees of light to enter. Choose the right design to achieve various looks, Café shutters allow open space above the window which can be left open or softened with a top window treatment. Plantation shutters cover the entire window and generally need to be custom-made to fit your windows perfectly.


solid wood interior shutters















For more inspiration and information on window covering treatments, check out our board on Pinterest!

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