I can only think of one situation in which I actually told a client – I told you so.

One of my most favorite clients ever once called asking why the $2,500 retail store sofa she purchased was sagging and showing signs of wear after just a few months of casual everyday use.

Well, I told her so.

Quality furniture is rarely available from a retail store and it is never ever mass produced on an assembly line in China.

It is important for home owners to know that for a little bit more money we can all get a lot more ‘made in the USA’ quality and durability from great companies that stand behind their products.

As you’ll see from their step by step manufacturing process detailed below Sherrill Furniture sets the bar for quality and durable upholstered goods.

OK, let’s get to the good stuff – THIS is what quality furniture construction looks like!

Frame Construction

Frame construction is what is going to determine if your furniture purchase is handed down to your grandchildren 25 years from now or if its sold on Craigslist for about half the cost of filling up your gas tank.

Each frame is precisely cut and hand assembled using durable hardwood right here in the USA.


You won’t see this type of traditional hand craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods being utilized on an assembly line in China where all of those retail quality sofa’s are being mass produced as you read this.


Double dowels are utilized in all structural parts for sturdy, long lasting joints.


 Both Glues and Screws

To complete construction and add stability to the frame, large precisely cut corner blocks are positioned at each corner where the greatest stress occurs using both glues and screws.


Eight-way Hand-tied Spring System

The eight-way hand-tied system and full web bottom is characteristic of high quality furniture and is traditionally the best known technique for ensuring long lasting comfort. This ensures that the seat platform remains stable and doesn’t shift. A lesser quality technique that WILL shift and sag over time is called “sinuous spring construction” (seat deck only, perfectly acceptable on the seat back.)


Sherrill mounts a solid interlace web bottom to each frame. Springs of various gauges and heights are securely attached to the full web bottom using clinch fasteners.


Back Construction

Back construction varies depending on style.

Polypropylene covering is used over the eight-way hand-tied springs and the sinuous wire springs backs as a protective shield and to provide a substantial base for various filling materials.


There is a certain beauty in watching true craftsman create something of the finest quality.  It makes me think of other things made with such quality and pride… hand made suits, violins and a Rolls Royce automobile.

A typical lawson style back has sinuous wire springs anchored to the frame and held together horizontally by coated wire to prevent turning.


Filling Material

On most styles the standard filling material is urethane foam combined with polyester fibers and cotton felt.

Marshall units are used when thickness of back and styling permits.



At Sherrill the standard cushion filling is U-D, a high density reinforced urethane core covered with a two ounce polyester fiber encased in a sewn ticking and is unconditionally guaranteed.

Generous layers of polyester batting and cotton are used in conjunction with urethane foam to achieve just the right contour and comfort. Outside arms and backs are padded to assure a smoother surface and provide an extra measure of neatness.


Also available is Super UD filling, a high resiliency urethane with 2 1/3 ounce fiber. Both cushions are encased in a sewn casing. Other cushion filling options are spring-down, comfort-down, and comfort-fiber. Sherrill offers loose pillow back option fiber-down and Shertrel. When cared for properly and rotated on a regular basis Sherrill cushions will provide years of trouble free comfort.



The Sherrill line is as extensive and varied as any in the upholstery business. Sherrill stocks a complete selection of colors, patterns, weaves and yarns – all carefully selected to complement the design and craftsmanship of your new Sofa or Chair. They also allow the ability to use a COM, or “customer’s own material” which gives us an opportunity to create a one of a kind, truly personal piece, specifically to your preferences!

Specialized cutters take particular care using individual patterns to create the proper pattern flow. Each piece is cut by hand to assure that each style will exceed Sherrill’s stringent standards. Specialized technicians perform various sewing tasks using the finest available sewing thread, sewn seven stitches per inch to assure more durable seams and trouble free wear.



Your custom fabric is applied with care and precision.


This post borrows images and information from a furniture manufacturer HMD recommends to our clients, Sherrill Furniture.  Visit them online at www.sherrillfurniture.com or contact us at Homemade Design for products and pricing information using our interior designer discounts for furniture and upholstered goods.

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