Rustic interior design ideas from interior designers and architects constantly attempt to employ cutting-edge techniques in order to bring the outdoors in. In 1949, Philip Johnson designed the famous Glass House, an architectural statement that celebrated transparency and reflection. The interior of the home became nuanced with the fluctuation of light and the change of the seasons. It’s a revolutionary rustic interior design idea, sure, but the Canaan, Conn., home lacked privacy and practicality.

Today, architects in coastal areas use floor-to-ceiling glass panels and infinity swimming pools to frame sunsets and seascapes. The same is true in the American Southwest, where wall-to-wall windows create a sort of ever-changing, high-definition Georgia O’ Keefe painting. John Muir was right when he stated, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” — a favorite inspirational quote from the Academy of Art school for interior design.

For easy and less expensive ways to drive rustic interior design, adorn your home with the following rustic interior design pieces:

A Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Stone Fireplace Design

Whether you have a vintage bear claw and ball footed wood stove or a traditional fireplace, once you fashion the interior of a home with a fire installation, you’ve already decided to go rustic. A fireplace finished with stone adds another outdoor element to the interior of the home. From Old World cobblestone to a fireplace with a lifted foundation, a natural stone fireplace creates warmth, texture and folksy sophistication to the home.

Rustic Fireplace Interior Design

Photo of stone fireplace by Wonderlane via Flickr

Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Birch Tree Bed Design

A back-to-the-land visual aesthetic should not make your home look like a 1970’s Montana hunting lodge. It needs to be fresh and contemporary. However, everyone’s taste in design is different. While some people might scoff at the idea of a birch tree bed — criticizing the piece for looking like an adolescent tree house, others will enjoy its shape, texture and overall whimsical accent. If you’re somewhere in between, opt for something similar but not the real thing. Honestly, is there anything more rustic and earthy than sleeping in the great outdoors? All you need to do is turn the white noise machine to the sound of crickets.

Rustic bedroom interior design

Photo of natural bedroom by Wicker Paradise via Flickr

Rustic Interior Design Ideas Use Natural Fibers, Textures & Patterns

If a birch tree bed or antler sconce is too over-the-top for your rustic interior design idea, then why not tone it down and go organic by incorporating more natural fibers, textures, and patterns throughout the house? Freshome recommends choosing wicker, rattan, hemp or Jute when picking out furniture. These classic materials have a soft, lived-in feel. Wicker furniture has an outdoor, Caribbean vibe, while rattan is slightly more tribal. Baskets and bamboo rugs will complete this interior style.

Photo of wicker chair by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Rustic Designed Flooring

Flooring can not only be cold and drab, but the wrong color can kill the design scheme of your home. Carpet and hardwood are the two most popular types of flooring; however, unless you purchase a carpet in a color such as forest green, there’s nothing outwardly outdoorsy about carpet. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, can be distressed. If you’re angling for that log cabin pioneer look, then distressed wood looks rugged and weather-beaten. For a more unique appearance, install a cork or bamboo floor. These natural materials ensure the flooring doesn’t look or feel man-made, artificial or sterile.

Rustic Interior Flooring

Photo of rustic interior design idea for a wood floor by Seward Construction CO

A Rustic Designed Dining Table

Is there anything more earthy than a pot of steaming soup being served on a rustic dining table? This type of table will give your home an elegant, farmhouse feel. Make sure it’s distressed, weather-beaten, handmade, or antique, and large enough to accommodate several guests. The more worn the dining table is, the better — appearing as if it’s been around for ages, such as a family heirloom that’s been passed on from generation to generation. These types of tables are simple but well-built, and it’s easy to imagine them in the dirt-floored Colonial homes in the 1600’s. It doesn’t get much earthier than that.

Rustic Interior Design Dining Room Table

Photo of rustic interior designed dinig room table idea by Wickerfurniture

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