A first time client emailed a question over to us today asking “What our your firms strengths?” (Thank-you Ed!)

We haven’t made a formal declaration of what we do well vs. other design firms and so, here are HMD’s strengths:


iterative collaboration

HMD designers work very closely with the client (from a distance) to help the client define an overall design concept, personal style, color scheme and more. Then, we do what no other firm does – work directly with the client to refine and execute without keeping track of hourly fees.


The majority of HMD clients are busy homeowners and professionals who need to be able to work on their project when it is convenient to them.  HMD offers wonderful flexibility of interacting via email with your designer, using amazing online tools and accessing specifications through a proprietary online design library with samples being shipped for you to evaluate in your home.


Where else in the world can you get unlimited access to a designer (and all associated knowledge, discounts and resources) with no hourly limits for a fixed fee of $299 or less per room.

exceptional designer discounts

HMD is the lowest priced option on over one hundred thousand quality made in America products including dozens of sources for furniture, fabric and lighting from quality trade sources.   If we can’t offer the lowest price available on the Internet we’ll do our best to refer you somewhere you can find it.

an exceptional design experience

At the time of writing this post we’ve served over 2,000 clients this year (2012) and we’ve refined and optimized HMD’s 5 phase project management process with every new project.


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