nursery design ideasLooking for nursery design ideas?  Whether it’s your first baby or your last, trying to prepare the nursery on a budget can seem like an overwhelming task. Add a small space to the scenario and it’s no wonder you are looking for help. No matter how cute the decorations, if your nursery isn’t organized it won’t be the peaceful haven you imagined or your baby needs. To tackle nesting on a budget for nursery design ideas, consider these seven tips:

Choose a Convertible Crib

A convertible crib grows with baby from newborn to toddler, and some even reassemble as a twin or full-size bed for later years. Store wide, short plastic containers filled with diapers and blankets under the crib, which can be hidden if your crib bedding comes with a bed skirt.

Re-think the Space

If you are short on floor space, consider this: Remove the nursery’s closet doors to create the perfect baby nook. If the measurements are right, you can clear out the closet and set up the crib. Most of baby’s clothes will be folded in the dresser anyway, and then you’ll actually have room for a dresser. For items that need to be hung, mount a rod to one nursery wall and put those cute onesies on display.

Focus on the Window

A large window brings outside colors in, which seemingly expands the size of the room. For smaller windows, hang curtains high and wide to make the window appear larger. Instead of matching juvenile-printed drapes to your baby’s bedding, opt for neutral-colored grommet curtains that will transition with your child’s age and style.

Control the Chaos

Many cube units are more narrow than the average dresser, so if you only have space for one or the other opt for a cube unit. Sort clothes per basket and keep free-standing items like books and lotions on top. If you use a dresser as a changing table, divide the drawers with collapsible fabric totes so you aren’t mixing diaper rash creams with clothes or constantly digging for lost socks or clean shirts.

Add an Accent

If you don’t want to be stuck re-painting the room in a year or two, opt for an accent wall covered in chalkboard paint. Use colorful chalk to write sweet messages to your baby and when she grows it can be a fun place for her to draw pictures for you.

Mirror Mirror

A thrift store find can easily be painted and hung in your child’s room for half the price of a mirror purchased at a home décor store. Angle your DIY mirror to reflect both natural and artificial light to help brighten any dark corners in the room. Bouncing light into every crevice, a well-placed mirror can manipulate the space and help it seem larger than it is.

Maximize Hanging Space

Instead of keeping everyday items up high on closet shelves, store clothes, blankets and diapers in hanging sweater drawers in the closet. If you have space behind the nursery door, use a shoe rack to hold lotions, bottles, binkies and toys.

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