This post is focused on giving step-by-step instructions for clients who have submitted their room for unlimited design consultation or scale drawings (elevations, space and furniture plans) and now need to share all of the important information required to complete Phase One of the five phase online design process.

Step One – Log into Your HMD Client Account

After initially submitting your room request (you’ll have already chosen a room, style, selected colors) you will receive an email back with your HMD Client login information including your username (your email address) and password.

You will need to log into your HMD Client account at

Step Two – Locate Your Pending Project

Once logged in you will need to navigate to your pending design package.  Click on “pending packages” from the “my design packages menu” near the top of the page.

When you click on “pending packages” you should see something similar to the below, a list of your pending design packages:

Step Three – Sharing information about your project

Click on the “update” button and you’ll see your Phase One project details.  Information to be shared with your designer is organized into eight sections.

Click on any section to expand the section details which may include questions, instructions, places to upload photos, etc.

Uploading Photos

In the below example you’ll see when you click on the “upload photos” section the instructions and upload functionality for that section is revealed.

Click on this button when you are ready to upload photos of your room, furniture you’ll keep, etc.

Now before you proceed to add photos of your room, furniture you will keep, any applicable architectural features of your home, etc. you’ll first need to take those photos using your digital camera or smartphone and transfer them to a known folder on your computer.  We recommend saving them with a descriptive name if possible (kitchen looking toward living room, existing sofa, etc.). When your photos are snapped, saved to your computer and you are ready to upload to your project click on the “add new photo” button”.

When you click on “add new photo” a window will open and you will need to select the photos to be uploaded.

TIP: you can upload multiple photos at once by using CRTL + Click to select multiple photos.


After selecting photos click the “Open” button (may differ on your computer) and you will see the images being uploaded to your project.

After selecting the images from your computer they will be uploaded to your project.

After uploading you should see the images listed similar to the example below.  Click “edit details” beneath each picture to add your comments in the box beneath the image.


Sharing Inspirational Images Using Pinterest & Houzz

You may have heard this said before, but tell a hundred people to picture a chic green room and each person will see something different in their minds eye.  However, show your designer five images of what you consider chic green rooms and he/she will know exactly what you are interested in!

To help our clients define style, colors, texture and overall concept for their project we make effective use of and/or

If you don’t have one already please take a moment to visit one or both of these sites and create an account.

Then, take some time to pin and organize images of rooms that reflect what you want for your room being designed.  Click here for some instructions on how to find inspirational images using Pinterest.

Once you have collected some good examples of rooms you love please make sure you enter your usernames in your project details under the “Tell us about what inspires you” section AND send a quick email to your designer or with your usernames so we can begin to follow your selections.

Enter your user names for Pinterest and/or Houzz for your designer to check out what inspires you!


While all of this homework can at first glance appear daunting, it is an important part of communicating effectively with an interior designer who is not there in your home to evaluate the space and work the tape measure.  And please know that taking this approach to the discovery process removes significant cost for the design firm and thereby enables HMD to provide high quality design consultation at ultra affordable per room design fees.

Take as much or as little time as your require, we re here to work according to your timeline so there is no rush! We promise this is the most labor-intensive phase (on your part.)

Step Four – Scheduling the Kick-off Conf Call

Once you’ve added all of the required information please send an email to your designer or with your availability (mon-fri during normal business hours) for the project kick-off call.

At this point we’ll review your project details and objectives, assign the best-fit designer and that designer will send you an invitation via email for a conference call to kick off your project.






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