Area rugs are fun, fantastic and fabulous, especially when you find the one that is just right for you and for your space.  This how-to guide will provide some helpful instruction on choosing an appropriately sized area rug for your dining room or bedroom.


Sizing the Living Room Area Rug

One of the leading reasons for the return of an area rug is that the wrong size was selected in the first place.  With so much variety of space and scale and size available for a living room choosing  an appropriate sized area rug can take a little bit of expertise.

A room-sized rug where the furniture floats center. We recommend a rug that is 10’ x 13’ or larger. Leave 12” to 18” of exposed floor to create a border around the rug—equal on all four sides if possible.

choosing living room area rug size


choosing living room area rug size with sofaLIVING ROOM #2
The rug is tucked under the front legs of the sofa with the back legs on or off depending on personal preference. We recommend a rug that is 8’ x 10’ or larger. The rule of thumb is to leave 18” to 24” between the wall and rug, creating a border of exposed floor that frames the arrangement—equal on all four sides if possible.


choosing living room area rug size with coffee tableLIVING ROOM #3
The rug is placed in front of the sofa. We recommend a rug that is 3’ x 5’ to 6’ x 9’, or approximately the length of the sofa. Leaving a sliver of exposed floor between the rug and sofa will accent the furniture. When the rug is under a coffee table, make sure it is large enough to accommodate all four legs.



dining room area rug sizing exampleSelecting The Dining Room Area Rug

Selecting an appropriately sized area rug for your dining room should be a pretty easy challenge to solve for, so don’t over think it.

Look for a room-sized area rug where there is enough room for all chairs legs to stay on the rug when comfortably pulled away from the table.   You don’t want your guests trying balance the front or back legs on the uneven edge where the rug meets the dining room floor.

Typically you are going to be looking for a dining room area rug that is 8’ x 10’ or larger.

Often the dining room are rug takes a lot of abuse from greasy morsels or heaven forbid that spilled glass of red wine or cranberry fruit juice.   Be sure to choose a durable, stain hiding rug.  We like the best hand made area rugs from Surya.

how to select a dining room area rug


Selecting the Right Sized Rug in the Bedroom

Now on to more challenging interior design dilemmas, choosing an appropriately sized area rug for your bedroom.

bedroom area rug placementTWO LEGS ON

For a large bedroom begin with a large area rug under two legs of the bed but make sure placement allows the wood floor to show all around the bed.

Your bedroom area rug with two legs of the bed placed on top if it should be approximately 24 or more inches wider and longer from each the side of the bed.

bedroom area rug placement 2



An alternative an perhaps more visually interesting area rug layout is to layer runners in the same pattern, or the same color family, on 2 or 3 sides around a bed frame.

This will provide you with some dimension,variety and can even help break up smaller functional spaces within a bedroom.

layered runners in bedroom

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