From our friends at Dunn-Edwards Paints, some fantastic tips for how to hire a paint contractor.

Why Hire A Contractor Vs Do It Yourself?

I like to DIY as much as the any HGTV personality but when it came to restoring my 150 year old pile of wood and brick in Boston I really wanted a professional who would ensure appropriate steps were taken related to surface preparation and disposal of the old hazardous lead paint.


It is important to get apples-to-apples estimates from three contractors of by providing a detailed list including what needs to be done, paint color and gloss level.

Here’s the checklist of what to require in an estimate when hiring your painting contractor:

  • require a completion date to be provided with the estimate
  • details, in writing, including the specification of exact work to be done, all areas to be prepared and painted,  products and colors to be used including brand names, completion date and total cost
  • ask for references of project similar in size and scope and its a good idea to talk with some references that are a few years old to understand the performance of the contractors work over time.
  • ask for a breakdown of materials and labor cost to make a fair comparison
  • ask to see a certificate of insurance to ensure you are not liable for any potential injury that may come to the painter or his team

Finally, don’t pay more than 10%-30% up front upon commencement of work.  Progress payments are perfectly acceptable and effective if clearly defined in your contract.

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