Since 2006 Homemade Design has helped thousands of clients in all 50 states through the design and decorating process, and we would love to help you! We offer an a la carte menu of services that allows our clients to select and pay for the services that they need. We love it when our clients are vested in the process, and love to do a bit of the work themselves! We hope that these FAQ’s will help you discover the services you may need. Please contact us with any questions – we’d love to hear about your project!

Q: I LOVE one of HMD’s 6 design styles – it’s perfect. I would love for you to pull together options for furniture, finishes and fixtures based on that style, plus my choice of color palette.

A: Room Recipe

Q: I’m a DIY-ER / Flea Market aficionado and would like a big picture game plan that shows me things like an arm style on a sofa… and what fabric I should use to re-upholster a found armchair.

A: Room Recipe

Q: I’m afraid I don’t quite have the budget to purchase long-term durable furniture, but I’d still like a stylish guide to help me choose from bargain-catalog stores.

A: Room Recipe + Self-Serve blog posts. Although… you may find that with our Design Discounts, durable, well-made furniture may be obtainable in your price range… check out our Budgeting Posts on our blog for more info on price points.

Q: I like one of your 6 room styles, but I need to coordinate some existing pieces, one is my grandmother’s chair that doesn’t fit my favorite HMD style AT ALL, the other is a very distinctive wood color that can’t be found in stores anymore. Help!

A: Unlimited Package. This gives you the ability to include photos of your room and pieces you’d like to coordinate in your newly designed room, as well as email and phone access to your designer. Your designer now has access to lifestyle information that helps guide both you and your designer to solutions that fit your specific wants and needs and budget for your room.

Q: I don’t identify with any of your 6 styles – but I still really want to work with you – how can we do that?

A: Unlimited Package. If you choose the style that most closely resembles your ideal, we’ll make sure that everything we suggest fits what you want! Choose the style that is the closest to what you’re looking for, and make sure to really dig into the “inspiration photo” portion of your submission.

Q: I have a blank slate room, and don’t know where to start – I need ideas on how to arrange the furniture to accommodate a few functions in the room … and a large family!

A: Space Plan. This drawing is available on its own if you just need help with dimensions for things like sofas or area rugs, and arranging the furniture. Also available in combination with either a room recipe or Unlimited Services package if you need help with filling that plan in with furniture and accessories.

Q: I have all of the furniture I need from my old house – I am just unsure how to arrange it in my new house. Help!

A: Space Plan.

Q: I am in desperate need of help for my room. I cannot decide on a sofa style, am unsure of how to select accessories, or coordinate pillow and draperies. I can’t decide between a sectional or sofa and I also can not envision what any of it will look like in the room. Help!

A: Unlimited Services + Room Tour (5 space plans, one of the floor and one for each wall in the room.) Please check out an example of what you get, since it’s a bit different than what you get when a designer visits your home.

Q: I am remodeling a kitchen and bathroom. I really need help with the design portion of the project, as well as communicating what I’d like detail and finish-wise to my contractor.

A: Unlimited Services + Room Tour will show your contractor the general idea of what you’d like built. It will show things like location of plumbing and light fixtures and tile layouts and design. The contractor would need to make some “educated assumptions” as to exact locations.

A: In-home Services if you need someone to help you with weekly visits, or need someone to act as a design-expert on your behalf because you cannot be there in person.

Q: I love the concept of online design – but I’d really like a designer to see the space, and help me take the measurements and photos.

A: Unfortunately at this time it’s an either / or option. Designers are extremely visual people and we are trained to envision and create spaces before a foundation is even poured. It’s pretty crazy when when walk into a completed project (having never visited on site before) and it’s exactly what we had envisioned during the entire design process! Choosing between online virtual consultation and an in-home interior designer really depends on our client’s preferences on how they would to work with a designer. Some choose email and conference calls as that fits their personality and work preferences and others choose a decorator that they can lunch with… we love both!

Q: I really want an heirloom-quality sofa – I need help with direction to the right manufacturer and style for my needs.

A: Unlimited Services if you’re comfortable with getting an assessment, a shopping list and an action plan from a designer… then getting a list of places to go and “visit” and sit-test these options.


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