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Q. How Long Does the Unlimited Online Design Process Take?
A. The overall timeline is highly dependent on each client’s own decision making process and unique project needs.  Clients typically spend 30-60 days on a project start-to-finish as we assist them with concept/color/style development, individual specifications, sampling, procuring and installation.  If you are in a rush (the contractor is scheduled for Tuesday, you are moving in next week, etc.) it is important to know that with virtual consultation speed is usually achieved at the expense of quality.  If your timeline is one week we probably are not going to be the best fit for your project.

Q. What is the typical turn around time for my HMD Room Recipe?
Once your designer has all of the required information it typically takes 2-4 business days to pull together your Room Recipe.

Q. What’s included with online interior design services?
Click here to see exactly what is (and isn’t) included with online interior design services.

Q. Does HMD utilize a specialized process for online design consultation?
A. Yes, we’ve refined the online consultation process to remove cost and ensure your objectives are satisfied.  Click here to read about HMD’s five phase project management process.

Q. Do I need to purchase design services in order to access your designer discounts?
 Because our designer discounts offer furniture, fixtures and finishes well below the “minimum pulished price” (that’s a legal thing) you must create an online account with us and we recommend doing this via the purchase of the $40 HMD Room Recipe.  Once you have an online account and are officially an HMD client you may request and receive an unlimited number of no obligation quotes using exclusive HMD discounts from popular retailers and trade sources.  Want more information before you sign up, just create an online account with us.

Q. How much can I save using your designer discounts and what vendors will I have access to?
A. Our designer discounts vary from vendor to vendor.  You can expect to save an average of 10% off popular retailers and 40% – 70% on purchases directly from manufacturers and trade sources. Click here to see our most popular vendors where designer discounts are available.  HMD clients pay no sales tax in most states.  HMD clients always pay sales tax in CA and MA.

Q. When I purchase unlimited interior design consultation, how long can I continue to get design help?
As long as it takes.  HMD offers unlimited consultation for the applicable room with no limits on hours or duration of consultation.

Q. Is special discounted pricing available if I need to design many rooms or my entire home?
Yes.  Tell us about your design objectives and we will compose a special proposal with discounted pricing just for you.

Q. How do I decide if online or in-home consultation is right for me?
In-home consultation is most likely the best fit when you prefer someone in-person to consult in your space, your project needs require the designer on the job site talking with contractors, you are in the middle of construction and need someone right there to help with important and/or quick decisions and/or your style preferences  trend toward the extreme such as super traditional, uber-minimalist or are highly specialized.  Click here for more help choosing a design service.

Q. Does HMD perform criminal background checks on your HMD Certified Contractors?
A. We do not perform criminal background checks for HMD Certified pro’s listed on our website. Depending upon the service category we do perform various types of evaluations as part of an initial pre-screen that may include evaluating licensing status, BBB ratings, consumer review sites, social reputation searches etc.  HMD clients should be aware that all information provided by HMD Certified professionals is self reported.  Because it is impossible for us to confirm that each business is fully licensed for the work they do at any given moment we advise clients to always check directly with the company as well as their local licensing authorities to confirm current status.  Finally, the HMD Customer Support team investigates any issues or alleged impropriety members bring to our attention.  If you know of or experience any improper representations, bad behavior or poor service performance let us know immediately.



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