shirley kishek housedressing interiorsName:  Shirley Kishek, CID
: Housedressings Interiors, LLC
Title:  Owner / Principal
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Q. Date of HMD Certification

A. 1/30/2013

Q. Describe what you do in less than 20 words

A. Good design starts with a good listener. I create beautiful interiors using the client’s vision in mind.

Q. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had

A. My worst job was working in a retail department store. It did not take me too long to realize that selling hosiery and handbags was not for me.

Q. Tell us about your professional background, how’d you get started

In my high school days, my interest was in fashion design. As I got older, that interest evolved into interior design.  Beautiful interiors always intrigued me. When I walk into a space, my eye immediately takes notice on how a room is put together. Designing a space takes layering furnishing and accessories using the right scale and balance. This process comes natural to me.

Q. What professional groups or trade associations are you active in

A. I am an active member with the International Interior Design Association.

Q. How do you describe your approach to your trade or the approach you take with clients?

A.  When I first meet with a client. I try not to overwhelm and just really listen to their needs. Then I start to build them a plan at a pace that they are ready to handle. Once I earn their trust, it is smooth sailing from there.

Q. How do you feel when your client is insisting on keeping things that really don’t belong in your design plan

A. I try not to say to my clients that everything needs to be changed out. If there is something that is important to my client, I believe that good design is more than just pretty things. Is about things you love and places you have been.

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