roxana petre Roxana StudiosName:  Roxana Petre
CompanyRoxana Studio
Title:  Principal Designer




Q. Date of HMD Certification

A. February 1, 2013

Q. Describe what you do in less than 20 words.

A. All aspects of interior design, floor plans, color consultation, furniture, flooring, window treatments, lights, art and accessories. I like to either work with the architecture of the house or exactly the opposite style.

Q. What was your first car

A. In 1993 I got this Lincoln Continental for my birthday. Was an older car, very comfortable but too much of a car for me. I’ve had only small cars since.

Q. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

A. I worked as a sales associate in NYC on 57th street for a watch and estate jewelry shop.

Q. Tell us about your professional background

A. I improved my friends and family’s homes ever since I can remember. I have a degree in Business because in my youth I wanted to play it safe and get an education and work in the corporate world. At 30 I started believing in my talent and went to UCLA for training in interior design. It’s amazing but my first jobs were small but to very affluent clients.

Q. What professional groups or trade associations are you active in


Q. How do you describe your approach to your trade or the approach you take with clients

A. It’s a lot of psychology in design. I personally want to make people’s lives better. I have a minor in psychology, am a certified life coach and this gives me an advantage to get into people’s mind of how they want to live. My job is to fix problems, to make the space their space, a reflection of their lifestyle and personality.

Q. What do you think will be the biggest single factor affecting your industry over the next five years

A. Maybe technology. I don’t think design will change that much, people tend to specialize in their area of expertise and seek professional services in what they don’t know. We as a society are too busy to trial and error and not to allow a professional do it right for the first time. It saves money, and stress.

Q. If you were a client, what would you want from a Designer

A. Flow in connection and conversation, disclosure, guidance, vision and reliability.

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