nollaf interiorsName:  Fallon Loving
: Nollaf Interiors Inc.
Title:  Owner & Principal Designer
Profile Page:

Q. Date of HMD Certification

A. January 14th 2013

Q. Describe what you do in less than 20 words

A. I create designs with the intent to bring balance, great energy, function and aesthetics to each and every space.

Q. Tell us about your professional background, how’d you get started, when/why/how

A. My path to interior design began as child and has blossomed into the blessing of my company today. Having the natural gift of art and design from a young child, it was no question that I’d later graduate with honors in 2007 from Howard University with a Bachelors in Interior Design. I began my design practice in 2008 and would not have changed a thing. It is my passion and life’s purpose to do what I very naturally do. I am beyond grateful that I can do this work and help others in the process.

Q. What professional groups or trade associations are you active in

A. Active with the American Society of Interior Designers in my fourth year.

Q. How do you describe your approach to your trade or the approach you take with clients?

A. My parents raised me on very strong values. They instilled in me to treat people the way I want to be treated. All my life, that has been my approach; not just with my clients but with anyone I encounter. I provide my clients with the same care and consideration I’d want if I was in their place.

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