Diana LePine Interiors IncName:  Diana LePine
CompanyLePine Interiors, Inc.
Title:  Interior Designer
Profile PageHMDpro.com/lepineinteriorsinc



Q. Date of HMD Certification

A.  February 18th, 2013

Q. Describe what you do in less than 20 words

A. Interior Designer offering full design scope of work; CAD plans, Interior & Exterior Design, Purchasing and Renderings

Q. What was your first Car

A. Ford Mustang

Q. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had

A. Never really had a job that was that bad

Q. Tell us about your professional background

A. I started out remodeling homes with my husband who is a General Contractor. I wanted to expand outside of residential design. I decided to get a BA in Interior Design and graduated in 2007 from MIU (Miami Int’l University). Shortly after graduation, I began work for a Design Firm in Miami that Designed Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Spaces and High-end Residential Projects.

Q. In what professional groups or trade associations are you active

A. Formerly in ASID

Q. Any exciting awards or achievements you would like to share 

A. I have won the ‘Most Creative’ Design Award for the Facusse Residence, a project in the Caribbean and 2nd place in a Hospitality Design contest in which the first place winner designed a $300M solution (we designed using only $3M)

Q. How do you describe your approach to your trade or the approach you take with clients

A. I want my clients to be able to live in the space that I have designed and be very happy with the end result. I also try to enlighten clients on new design concepts, teach them how to coordinate but not necessarily match and resale values for remodeling work. I also learn how they live in the space and give them the most ‘Bang for their Buck’.

Q. What do you think will be the biggest single factor affecting your industry over the next five years

A. The economy is the biggest driving factor for Interior Designers. We are one of the first to be cut out of a family’s budget. I see the economy making a slow and steady come back and I hope it keeps forging forward.

Q. What Inspires you and how would you define your ‘Design Style’

A. My inspirations come from everything that I come in contact with; nature, architecture, fashion and even a photograph can inspire me. I cannot limit myself to one Design Style. There are too many different and interesting forms from different time periods that I find fascinating. I tend to be more eclectic and mix styles but finding common elements to ground the different styles.

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