Homemade Design offers our clients access to exclusive interior designer discounts on over one hundred thousand different products for the home.

In order to help you more easily evaluate the available products and vendors we’ve created a vendor rating system that assigns a quality score (from Q to QQQQ) and pricing score (from $ to $$$$) according to each vendor’s overall product offering.

 Quality Rankings

Quality rankings are based upon things such as durability, warranty, stain resistance and construction quality.  A single Q means the vendor meets our minimum quality requirements and a four Q rating (QQQQ) indicates we consider them to be of equal or greater quality vs. any other vendor with a similar product offering.

Price Rankings

Price rankings are primarily indicators that will help you make wise budgetary decisions.  A single $ means the products offered will be the lowest priced vs. four $ ($$$$) indicating the offering are among the most expensive when compared to similar categories of products from other vendors.


How the Retail & Trade Sources Stack Up

Asterisk Alert! While the below isn’t an exact ranking for price and quality it will provide a good visual into how these retail and manufacturer sources rank.  HMD offers designer discounts at most of the below sources and in every case our designer discounts are better from manufacturer sources vs. retail.


If you have any questions about the HMD vendor rating system or would like to request a no obligation quote contact your HMD designer or create a client account with Homemade Design – its free!

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