Phase Two of the HMD online interior design project management process takes place in the form of a conference call between the client and designer to review project details and objectives.  Phase Two is not applicable for HMD Room Recipes.

Conference calls are conducted by appointment during normal business hours.

Hosted on the HMD conference call line all applicable client stakeholders may join the call remotely from multiple locations, such as when a spouse is attending from their office or if there is a desire for your contractor to attend.

It is always a good idea to hear all input and all opinions of what should be considered during the creation of the design concept initial specifying process.


Phase Two Client Deliverables

  • Be prepared with any questions you have for the HMD Design Team
  • Use this opportunity to make sure your designer understands your objectives, preferences and make sure to bring up anything you feel may not have been adequately represented during the phase one submission process
  • Notify us of any updates related to budget, construction, timetables, etc.


Phase Two Designer Deliverables

  • Confirm she/he has everything needed to move forward on concept creation
  • Clarify client objectives, identifying important wish list items
  • Discuss any open items
  • Discuss any known project constraints
  • Ensure the client understands next steps
  • Following the call the designer will email out call notes that include a recap of the conversation, next steps, important deliverables, any project concerns and applicable timeline for any open items and next steps


Related Resources

  • You’ll need the conference call-in number and code (and webinar login if applicable) for this meeting


This Phase is Applicable to:

  • Unlimited Design Services
  • Drawings & Plans


This Phase is NOT Applicable to:

  • HMD Room Recipes


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