The first phase of HMD’s online design process is completely focused on the client sharing important information about the room being designed and communicating important project objectives.


Client Deliverables

Through an online project submission process the client will:
*note: room recipes do not require additional details to be shared
  • Choose from among 6 primary style samples and indicate how closely the selected style represents the clients own style preferences
  • Complete a color personality test by ranking sample color palettes according to preferences for accent color (neutral, cool, warm) and base color (mono, creams, browns) combinations
  • Complete an online questionnaire to provide information about:
    Lifestyle (kids, dogs, entertaining)
    Your home (age, size, value, geographic location)
    The room being designed (sq footage, ceiling heights, functional use of space) and your specific project objectives
  • Determine target budget overall and for key design elements you’ve already decided upon or have in mind
  • Upload pictures of the room being designed as well as dominant influences in the room such as existing furniture, architectural features, etc.
  • Measure the Room and create a basic floor plan noting critical room dimensions and placement of architectural features such as fireplaces, doors and windowsClick Here for instructions.
  • Share Inspirational Images from Pinterest and/or Houzz.  Click Here for instructions.


Designer Deliverables:

  • Review client submitted information and advise client of any missing or additionally required details


This Phase is Applicable to:

  • Unlimited Design Services
  • Drawings & Plans


Why Are Inspirational Photos Important?

In phase one clients are asked to create accounts at Pinterest and/or Houzz in order to identify and organize images of rooms, furniture and anything inspirational that relates to your design objectives.  This is important because, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Imagine for a second that I ask you to visualize a ‘chic blue room’.  The picture that arises in your mind will be different than the picture your designer sees and in fact the scene will vary dramatically for every individual.  However, show five examples of pictures of ‘chic green rooms’ and your designer will instantly be able to define the type of style and look you are going for.


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