Phase four is about getting the clients feedback on the designers initial collection of furniture, fixtures and finishes.  This candid feedback about what the client loves and what doesn’t fit the accruing vision you have for your space is critical to the iterative continuous improvement of your design plan.

Don’t pull any punches, your HMD designer is here to specify what you love, not what the designer would put in her/his own home.  The more specific and direct feedback you can provide the better we can take that feedback and use it to improve upon the set of specifications you have to choose from in order to complete your room.


Phase Four Client Deliverables

  • Reviews the design package (concept overview and specifications)
  • ‘Love’ items that you feel exemplify the products you’d enjoy having in your home
  • ‘Swap” out non-preferred items from among hundreds of hand-picked alternatives that are color and style appropriate for your design concept
  • Share feedback directly with your designer through one or more of the following methods (package modifications, ‘loves’, online survey, telephone conversation and/or email)


Phase Four Designer Deliverables

  • Evaluate client ‘loves’ and additional feedback
  • Collaborate with client toward refinement of specifications


Related Resources

  • You’ll need access to your online interior design package where all of your custom specifications hand-picked by your designer have been loaded into an easy to use online catalog format
  • Make good use of the   icon in your design package. Click to highlight the pretty things you love and swap out the items you don’t care for.


This Phase is Applicable to:

  • Unlimited Design Services
  • Drawings & Plans


This Phase is NOT Applicable to:

  • HMD Room Recipes:
    You can still ‘love’ and swap items as you refine your specifications on your own.  However, ongoing consultation with your designer is not included with your HMD Room Recipe unless you upgrade.

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