Let us start with a primer on traditional (full service) interior design services.  We’ll come back to online interior design services in a moment in order to distinguish the two.

Traditional (Full Service) Interior Design

Interior Designers create and implement a concept for your space that makes you feel the way you want to feel.

Designers accomplish this through specialized knowledge and resources.  They apply the visual sciences of color theory, space and scale to create a synergy out of disparate parts. He or she will make technical decisions based upon best practices related to function, building codes, plumbing stacks and load bearing walls.

An interior designer will typically work very closely with vendors and contractors.  They will access  professional Design Centers to source products on your behalf with the styles, textures, patterns and colors you will fall in love with.

Design fee’s can range from $99 to $350 per hour of consultation.  Typically the designer purchases home furnishings and materials at a discount from trade sources and resells them to the client at retail price or at an agreed upon markup over the designer’s cost.  In many cases the designer will also receive a referral fee or percentage of a job back from their contractor.

Hire a full service / in-home designer when…

  • you prefer highly personalized consultation including someone who can meet in your home and see your space.
  • your project needs require the designer on the job site talking with contractors.
  • you are in the middle of construction and need someone right there to help with important and/or quick decisions.
  • your style preferences trend toward the extreme such as super traditional, uber-minimalist or are highly specialized.

How Working with HMD Online Interior Design is Different

Homemade Design has refined the designer-client relationship in a way that removes cost from the process offering virtual consultation and self service resources at a much lower prices.

Through online tools and virtual consultation we provide online design clients with the advice, knowledge and resources that enable the client  to make their space feel the way they want it to feel.

Did you catch the distinction there?  Online interior design is for clients who want to take a more active role in their project.

With online interior design, the client saves money by taking on some homework: taking pictures of the space, measuring the room, drawing a simple floor plan, researching examples of inspirational styles, colors and patterns.

All of this is supported by detailed instructions using free tools that make it easy on the client and greatly enhances the online interior design process.

Instead of meeting in the home with the meter running, online design clients speak with their designer over the telephone.  Clients exchange pictures, feedback and preferences using an online design library and via email.

All of this DIY homework eliminates thousands of dollars in hourly fees and ensures the time spent with the designer is laser focused on value added consultation.

If you are comfortable paying $99 – $350 an hour for a designer to work the tape measure, take you window shopping and project manage your contractors – then hiring a traditional full-service designer for a high-touch experience is going to be a better fit.  In fact we’ll recommend a local HMD Certified interior designer who will provide up to three hours of introductory consultation at the pre-negotiated discounted fee of just $99 per hour.

If you’re OK performing some of the tasks yourself, don’t require the designer to travel to your home and you are comfortable working directly with your contractor – then online interior design may be a wonderful opportunity to get much more from your design budget.


The HMD Process Process: 5 Phases

Homemade Design generally guides clients through a five stage design project management process.  This refined process provides a interior design experience unlike any other and most importantly – the process ensures the client’s objectives are achieved.

Click Here for more details behind the five phases of the HMD online interior design process.

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