Are you trying to find some really great Furniture Layout Ideas?  Do you need space planning help for a long and narrow living room?

Well, look no further!  We are excited to share some great examples of furniture layouts and space plans to assist with your DIY interior decorating project.  If you need more help don’t forget you can have a professional interior designer collaborate on a furniture plan or space plan for just $99 at  Order interior design drawings and space plans here!


Long Narrow Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas


Here’s an example furniture plan for a long narrow room with a fireplace oriented furniture layout.  Of course, the height of this room adds to its magnificence.

Long narrow room. Center fireplace. furniture layout.


Here are furniture layout ideas where the television isn’t located front and center in a gigantic entertainment unit.  In the below space plan we’ve sort of strategically inserted the entertainment into the surroundings using paint and placement as the camouflage.

Long narrow furniture layout ideas minimizing the television


Here’s a space plan for a large, long and narrow family room / living room that was recently created for a fantastic HMD interior design client.  HMD furniture layouts can include your existing furniture and complete specifications for fabulous new pieces.

Living Room Furniture Layout idea Family Room, Residential Home

Here are more furniture placement ideas for a long narrow living room.  Notice how the height of the window coverings really pull you into this long and narrow furniture layout.

furniture placement for a long narrow room


As you continue to play around with furniture layouts and functional use of space for your long, narrow or oddly shaped living room, be sure to pay special attention to the scale of the pieces in the room, their function and anchor pieces.

Here’s a gorgeous mud room with functional storage all the way up the height of the ceiling.

entry way mud room space planning


Matching scale and contemplating consistency may be the make or break for your space.  Ensuring the function of the pieces will determine how you feel when you are utilizing the room.  Finally, a well considered anchor piece such as an area rug, piece of artwork or dominant fabric can work well as the item that all other design influences and colors stem from.

Small office space furniture layout! Desk could also serve as dining table.

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