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If you are an experienced independent interior design professional you are an extremely important part of the HMDpro community and over 100 interior designers across America who are working together to grow each other’s businesses.

Here’s How It Works

Let’s say you are an interior designer based in San Francisco, CA.

interior design franchise

As an HMD partner you’ll offer online interior design to homeowners all across America using HMD’s best practices, your social network and/or whatever means you feel most comfortable with.

online interior design options

HMD online design resellers can offer discounted consultation to be performed online and in the home

When homeowners purchase online interior design consultation at discounted prices through your website or using your promo codes you’ll receive a 30% referral commission while HMD processes the orders and fulfills the services without you having to take any additional action whatsoever.

online interior design infographic

design-infographic-online consult

Of course, online design isn’t for every homeowner or every project.  That’s why HMD also offers homeowners the option to pre-purchase in-home consultation from a pre-screened HMD certified interior designer.

This means in addition to offering online design services you will also be selling 1, 2 or 3 hours of in-home consultation that can be booked online by clients located far away from your local service area.

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You Have The Option to Accept New Projects

When in home consultation is located in your local service area you have the option to fulfill that consultation, keeping 70% of the pre-paid design fees.  If  after reviewing the project details you choose to pass on the project you will instead accept a 15% referral bonus and HMD will pass the project onto another HMD Certified designer.

All in-home consultations outside of your local service area will be automatically assigned to a local HMD Certified interior designer and earn you 15% of the design fees.


The HMD Certified Designer Network Grows Your Business

There’s something wonderful about being a part of a large national network of interior design professionals who are all marketing interior design services online.  That something is a synergy that sends you new projects.

When HMD designers and resellers across the country sell in-home consultation in your local area you have the potential opportunity to accept and service those new paying projects.

online design referrals



This marketing synergy and reciprocal lead strategy is what truly differentiates HMD online design in the marketplace and created an environment that grows your business by sending you new projects.


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