You’re a responsible gentleman looking for a masculine color palette that still shares a hint of cool dude.  You may have your own place or your own space in the place you share with that someone special who normally calls the interior design shots.

Either way you need to decorate it, but walk the line between playful bachelor pad and dirty dude shack.   Let’s stay classy, America.

The key to transforming your flat  using a Masculine Color Palette lies in getting the cohesive mix of color, pattern and texture.  Then, you can shop for the right furniture, accessories and gadgets.  Just be sure to keep your things organized and neat.

Here’s how to transform your pad with a Masculine Color Palette using these helpful tips and when you are ready to move beyond DIY, chekc out some of our online interior design services.

Vibing it Out

Set the mood with a sophisticated yet masculine color palette such as tones of red, white, black, charcoal or chocolate. Darker hues automatically lend a masculine vibe to the room, while pops or white and other light neutrals (think tan or cream) lift the mood without imparting a feminine touch.

masculine but not to man cave

masculine but not to man cave


masculine colors and textures for interior design

masculine colors and textures

use masculine colors that pop in pillows

masculine color palettes set off by some bling

masculine color palettes set off by some bling

real men love masculine wallpaper

real men love masculine wallpaper

use masculine accessories like you were vladimir putin

use masculine accessories like you were vladimir putin


Cover up With Class

Men tend to leave the windows bare, out of fear that curtains must be frilly or girlish. Not so, and bare windows are a total style faux pas, suggests HGTV’s Brian Patrick Flynn. Window treatments with rough texture or geometric patterns will help pull a room together without appearing feminine.

Gadgets Galore

Gadgets signify a guy zone, so go ahead and lay out all your game systems, purchase that flat screen TV you’ve been holding out for and pick up a media table to store your things. You’ll also want to purchase fast Wi-Fi, like Century Link DSL, so you can stream media from home. Must-haves for bachelors include a 50-inch LCD TV and a state-of-the-art sound system. To lend an air of adult authenticity and keep your living room from resembling a dorm room, keep all of your gadgets organized in stylish media cabinets.

Resting Easy

Pulling together a sweet bachelor pad is hard work, so you’ll definitely want to set aside funds for relaxing. While a leather sofa is classic bachelor pad, it can often be too pricey for guys on a budget. When shopping for sofas and chairs, comfort is key so sit down and test out how it feels. When you find a sofa or chair you like, stick with dark neutral fabric, like chocolate, charcoal or navy. Add throw pillows —& again, geometric patterns will save you from looking girly — to lend a pop of color and give you something to rest on when napping.

Man Mojo

For man caves and bachelor pads seeking a masculine color palette, selecting a theme helps tie together decor and unify the space. Sports, gambling, “Mad Men,” & country cabin or urban professor all are themes that work well for men’s spaces. Look for objects that lend themselves to your theme. That foot locker and set of leather tomes says prof chic all day long. That Hudson Bay wool blanket and tree stump coffee table whisper woodsman’s cabin. Be creative in selecting objects that will work well with your space. Hunting for the perfect accent pieces for your man space can be so fun, you’ll forget you’re actually looking forward to going shopping.

When redoing your place on a budget, prioritize what’s important to you. Maybe it’s a plush king-sized bed with satin sheets or a home bar with draft brew system. Then comb yard sales, flea markets and more to pick up cheap, cool lights, furniture and other pieces that make your pad complete.

Man Pad Update

Examples of Masculine Color Palette in Photos: Bouncer Criss on Flickr and Brian Patrick Flynn courtesy of HGTV

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