Today I dowloaded a list of cities across America with HMD interior design projects.  At I was able to paste the city, state and zips directly from an excel file into their webpage.  After a few minutes of crunching here’s what was produced:

HMD interior design projects by city in May 2012 - click to zoom


This was so easy Staples would be jealous.

Step-1: Go to and simply past your data into a box on the homepage.  Spreadsheets, tables from web pages, databases, anywhere you are able to visualize a table with location information you can copy and paste right into BatchGeo.


Step 2: You have the option of fine tuning your output results.  BatchGeo makes a darn good guess at which of your columns are the address, city, state, zip code, or latitude/longitude. You also might want to set a few options here such as color coding or links if you would like to go beyond the default behavior.



Step 3: Map It!  In the third step the system crunches your data and makes your map. Geocoding may take a few minutes depending on how many addresses you have, it took us about 6 minutes to map our HMD project cities.  At the end of this process you’ll be able to email yourself a link to the map of your data.

Your addresses automatically offer enhanced Google maps options such as streetview.

Here’s an example of a map with the data points color coded by levels of precipitation.


Video with more info…  To get started mapping today, visit



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