If you haven’t shopped for replacement windows before, get ready for more styles, options, features, quality grades and argon gas than you can shake a moulding at.

In addition to the type of the window, it matters if its an insert or full frame replacement and if its vinyl, wood or storm quality.  Installation costs will vary according to the age of the building, the type of exterior cladding, siding and/or brick, the overall size of the job and the type of window being installed.

Andersen Windows has some great interactive educational tools to help you learn about the parts and pieces of different types of windows.

A single vanilla example

Here’s an example for the purchase and installation of a single vinyl window in which there is no rot, the frame is square and only the window needs to be replaced, not the full frame.

  • Vinyl Window Cost (non-discounted retail cost for common, mid-grade vinyl window) $177-$205
  • Install Window Labor (2.1 hours of direct labor expenses to install vinyl windows) $77-$147
  • Job Materials and Supplies (cost of supplies including: fasteners, shims, flashing, drip cap, perimeter insulation and exterior caulking) $20-$25

Total estimated cost to install one pretty average vinyl window: $247 – $377


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