With the broad category of “construction” being the topic there are more examples that could be listed here than most of us would probably want to wade through.  So here are some basic examples of costs for kitchen and bath remodels as well as removing and constructing an interior wall.


Kitchen Remodel – 165 sq foot kitchen in a $300K – $500K home

The rule of thumb for budgeting a kitchen remodel is you should spend about 8% of your home’s value on the project and don’t exceed 15% of your home’s value.  Therefore the below example is appropriate for a home valued in the $300K – $50oK range.

Project: 165 sq ft kitchen remodel (replace cabinets, flooring, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting and appliances using above average, quality grade materials, fabrication and finishing detail).

Material and Labor Cost: $35,865 – $41,843


Bath Remodel – 75 sq foot bathroom $300K – $500K home

To maximize your return on a bathroom remodel try to limit the total cost cost to no more than 5.5% of your home’s total post project value.

Project: 75 sq ft bathroom remodel (replace bathtub, cabinet, sink and fixtures, granite countertops, new tile surround and floor, update lighting and electrical using above average quality materials and finishing detail).

Material and labor cost: $14,711 – $17,162.


Remove an interior wall with surface area equal to 200 sq ft

2.3 hours labor to remove the wall: $32 to $84

Debris disposal costs: $102 – $114

Total estimated costs to remove interior wall: $135 – $198

*note this does not include costs of adding mouldings and the finishing of the adjoining surfaces.


Cost to construct a new interior wall with surface area equal to 200 sq ft

7.2 hours labor to frame the wall: $213 to $225

Cost of supplies: $337 – $366

Equipment allowance (costs of specialty equipment used for job quality and efficiency, including: pneumatic framing nailer, 12″ miter saw and 3 1/4″ electric planer): $28 – $48

Total estimated costs to remove interior wall: $579 t $638

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