Have you ever wondered why some area rugs cost $19 and others run upwards of $19,000?  Well, you can click here to read all about how quality influences the price of area rugs, but in the meantime here are some examples of price points you may be interested in for budgeting purposes.


Affordable online sources
Around the world shipping at RugSale.com

Our recommended online source for a huge variety of quality area rugs with special discounts and free shipping offers is RugSale.com where you’ll find 5′ x 8′ area rugs starting around $120 to 10′ x 13′ closeouts for as little as $344.  They carry top brands like Safaveigh, Surya, Shaw and even have 30 day risk free trials with 30-day shipping on qualifying orders.


Trade Vendors and Buying Direct From Top Importers

If you’re interested in using HMD’s designer discounts at trade sources we also have a solid range of quality area rug options.  Here are some examples.


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