For most of us accessorizing our room is an opportunity to put our personal stamp on the space by assembling interesting and meaningful arrangements of personal treasures that tell stories.  We can often intermingle these important items with cost effective ones of a proper scale, color, style and texture.

When considering the cost of accessories its a good idea to think about the total assembled cost of vignettes.

Accessorizing this mantle will cost the sum of these three distinct little treasures


Budget Conscious Accessorizing

See our post on budgeting for art to quantify potential selections and see sources from the art world for pieces to hang on your wall.

Fun and appropriate accessories can come from anywhere… a single source with a tremendous volume of affordable options is the Home Accents section of Home Decorators Collection or if your personal style trends a bit more rustic try Carolina Rustica or for more natural, clean and modern try West Elm.

Take a look through these or any personal favorite destination for accessories to determine the cost of typical arrangements.

Calculating a Just Right Total Accessory Budget

After assembling your vignette and totaling up the cost of the items you’ve selected you can either repeat or simply multiply this total by the total number of “accessory areas” you have in your room(s) being designed.

  • Mantel
  • Coffee Table
  • Console Table
  • Wall above the sofa, headboard or buffet

Don’t forget to subtract the cost of art work where it may not be applicable.

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