They say no sound exists in a vacuum.

That’s because there are no molecules to transfer energy from one particle to the next across time and space and into your ears to ultimately be heard.

Well, I think building a successful business operates under the same rules.

There are no successful businesses in a marketing vacuum, because we all need a wide range of diverse partners to help us reach new customers as well as serve our existing customers even better.

Click here to see a recent co-sponsored deal from our top notch contractor Mr. Raymond Gilkes of Ari Services LLC.

The benefits to Mr. Gilkes and Ari Services include:

  • Differentiation in the marketplace without any cost whatsoever
  • Added overall value to a deal promotion that he didn’t have to pay for
  • Enabled HMD to exert time and effort choosing colors with the client vs. taking up the contractors time
  • Paid a 30% referral fee on any additional rooms or design upgrades purchased by the client
  • We promote this partner on our website and recommend Ari Services to HMD design clients actively remodeling and renovating in the local area

By offering a free interior design package for purchases of Mr. Gilkes Painting Groupon we had the distinct pleasure of both welcoming many new customers AND helping our HMD Certified partner achieve his marketing objectives.

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