Become America’s Best Sponsor

Interested in becoming America’s Best Sponsor?  It’s no wonder, take a look at America’s Best audience.


Americas Best Audience Engagement as of August 2013

Americas Best Audience Engagement as of August 2013

americas best audience demographics

Americas Best Audience Demographics as of August 2013

americas best geography

Americas Best Audience Geography as of August 2013


Whats Included In Sponsorship

americas best sponsorSponsorship gains you promotional opportunities that are dynamic, integrated and re-targeted.  We’ll deliver your brand to homeowners seeking to remodel, renovate and decorate as well as to businesses that serve them.

America’s Best sponsors are promoted across  multiple platforms and online destinations that are affiliated with home remodeling, renovation and decorating.

List of Promotional Platforms

  • America’s Best – curated review website highlighting residential product and service providers
  • – America’s leading online interior design service
  • – the best place to find the best contractors for home renovation, remodeling and decoraring projects
  • – promotion website for the HMD interior designer network
  • Contests, Giveaways and Sweepstakes – featured placement as part of our room makeover contest and interior design giveaways
  • Press Releases
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Online Interior Design Blog Feature Articles


Promotion in Americas Best Contests, Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Our room makeover sweepstakes and interior design oriented giveaways generate many thousands of entries and social shares.  Entrants are presented additional entries for liking our sponsors on Facebook and following Sponsors on Twitter and Pinterest.

social media contest stats

Room Makeover Sweepstakes and Interior Design Giveaways generate significant social sharing for America’s Best Sponsors.

Sponsorship Fees

Paid Sponsorship Opportunities start at $5,000.  Amerca’s Best also engages in cross marketing opportunities in lieu of fees.

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