Homemade Design (HMD) is America's leading online interior design service providing a dedicated interior designer that works closely with you, without hourly limits, to design and decorate your room for an extremely affordable fixed fee.  

The HMD Story

While working as a professional interior designer creating gorgeous interiors for millionaires and billionaires HMD's founder Amanda Zettel realized she was spending her off hours providing a slightly different type of design advice to friends and family.

"My girlfriends didn’t need full-service design consultation and project management at $250 an hour. What they needed was a design pro to help pull it all together. I'd help define their style, share my sources, send fabric samples and nudge them in the right direction. When they fell in love with something I'd save them a ton using my designer discounts from trade sources."

So in 2006 she created one of the world’s first online interior design websites and today HMDhome.com has delighted thousands of design clients all across America.

How We Do It

An Experienced, Professional Interior Designer

The truth is it takes much more than a good eye to ensure a successful remodeling, renovation or decorating project.  As an HMD client you will be assigned a dedicated interior designer who will be your single point of contact.  That individual will be educated in the technical aspects of color theory, scale, acoustics and interior lighting concepts.  They will also be equipped with a few things you can't learn in design school - years of real world experience managing the ups and downs of real life projects.

A Proven Design Project Management Process

Your designer will take the time to learn about your space, your objectives and your budget.  We'll ask you to pin images of rooms you love and then we'll use those inspirational pictures to define your own personal style by analyzing color, scale, texture and patterns.  Collaboration is key.  Unlike other design services that charge you to deliver a shopping list of items they love and then charge expensive hourly fees going forward, your HMD designer is here to help you execute you project, without hourly limits, until you say it is complete.  Learn more about HMD's design project management.

Designer Discounts on Quality 'Made In America' Products

We specify a range of quality products from dozens of leading American manufacturers of furniture, fixtures and finishes. 
Every HMD client has access to our exclusive designer discounts from trade sources.  When you’re ready to purchase HMD can send samples, provide access to design center showrooms and offer no-obligation quotes that leverage our discounted designer pricing based upon significant purchasing volume.  Take a look at some of our favorite trade sources where HMD's designer discounts are available.

Help Structuring Your Bid & Choosing Your Contractor

Listen, when it comes to working with contractors boy oh boy can we tell you some stories!  If your project requires a contractor we want to help ensure your story ends in happily ever after.  HMD will help share hiring best practices that are related to your unique project objectives.  We'll show you how to structure a bid to get apples-to-apples comparisons that separate products and finish materials from labor.  We'll provide some guidance to make sure you have a contract that protects your budget, your timeline and so much more.

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